Deciding to outsource your call center to another partner or closing your inhouse operation is a BIG decision. But when you can’t afford not to there’s only 1 logical choice: NexGen Agency.

Boutique and Unique: NexGen is unlike other call centers, we don’t take clients who want 200+ seats. We have our niche in the under 100 seat group and we only take clients that we feel we can help. This gives you the day to day attention your account deserves. Need to make quick changes? Scripts? Programming? Reports? Adding new LOB’s? At NexGen Agency we can do it on the fly, unlike other providers who take days and sometimes weeks to make changes.

A True Partner: Innovation is critical for us. We work as a true partner; your success is our success. We continually find ways to improve upon current practices and we make sure that we do everything we can to keep you far ahead of your competition.

Cost Savings: Overhead costs, high local wages in your community, attrition, outdated technology, non-experienced supporting staff can all contribute to higher costs for you. While we may not be the cheapest guy on the block, we are very competitive in the marketplace and have unique and creative engagement models that we customize for each and every client of ours.

Taking VIP to the NexLevel: We approach all accounts with a white-glove mindset. We treat our clients like VIPs and make sure that your customers are treated the same.

Still not convinced? Just ask one of our clients how their decision worked out: “When JVC and Kenwood decided to merge, we knew we had to make sure customers still had the fantastic customer service they had grown accustomed to while keeping costs economical. Going from an in-house model, we realized it would be too costly to continue that post-merge. We needed a skilled pool of customer service representatives who were tech savvy and could troubleshoot any issues the customers had. We knew we had to outsource. We also knew that we wanted our partner located in the US. During our discovery and due diligence, we narrowed it down to 3 providers in the South Florida area, all within a 15-mile radius of each other. While NexGen was the newest kid on the block, we felt that they had the best culture, a young and hip leadership team, and were very motivated to earn our business and deliver superior experiences for our customers. When we met NexGen Agency, we were incredibly impressed with their dedication to the customer experience and their ideas behind a ‘true partnership.’ We saved an incredible amount of time and money using NexGen Agency, and we are proud to call them our partner.”

-Vice President of Service Division, JVCKenwood

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