Born with an idea to focus on VIP customer service, we grouped together innovative thinkers and brilliant strategists to provide the best social media management and call center solutions. When you outsource your work to us, you can rest assured that your brand image will only get stronger by each passing day.

We are one of the most unique call centers in Florida, providing B2B and B2C customer support, outsourcing contact solutions, social media/reputation management, and telecommunication services with a white-glove VIP approach. Boost your sales and create customer loyalty with our dedicated team of trained specialists.

The wide range of business solution we provide includes:

  • Contact Center Services
  • Social Media Management
  • Reputation and Crisis Management
  • Consultation
  • Business Check-Ups

We don’t limit ourselves to just a few industries, we provide call center services to numerous industries including Consumer Electronics, Communications and Technology, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality, Retails, Startups, etc.

Why Choose NexGen as Your Partner?

  • We focus on achieving success with a ‘true’ partnership
  • We have carefully handpicked individuals to work on different operations for you
  • We organize frequent training sessions to improve service efficiency
  • We offer cost effective packages
  • We offer 24×7 call center solutions to your customers throughout the year

Let us be your seamless extension. Contact us now!

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