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World-class customer management solutions for the communications industry.

At NexGen Agency, we understand that in the highly competitive and constantly evolving communications market, delivering excellence with customer experience is key to customer satisfaction and continued success. Our team has extensive experience in providing market-leading customer service outsourcing for bundled, wireline, mobile, ISP and cable accounts across the world.

The key to success has become the communication of new ideas coupled with the need for speed in disseminating and implementing those ideas. The necessary cross-brand integration presents both a huge challenge and a significant opportunity for companies in the IoT business as well. Tech support is no longer about individual manufacturers, retailers, telcos, and internet service providers’ product sets; it’s about a continuous service experience of a full connected environment to deliver on consumer expectations, while adding customer value to drive loyalty.

Our goal at NexGen Agency is to improve the overall customer experience and increase the lifetime value of our clients’ subscribers. We provide expertise gathered throughout our teams 20+ year history of working with leading telecommunications providers and across all customer service channels.

Whether you are a start-up or an established nationwide or global brand, NexGen Agency tailors a customer service solution specifically for your business. Custom training programs introduce agents to your company and products to ensure they are equipped to support your customers.

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