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Consumer Electronics companies partner with us because we are a full-service provider who deploys an end-to-end customer lifecycle management solution. Our model seamlessly merges strategic front and back office business functions along with Social Customer Care to reduce costs, enhance the customer experience, and ultimately improve consumer electronics companies’ bottom line.

At NexGen Agency, we understand the intense profitability challenges faced by technology businesses across the world. Our solutions will help you to effectively manage your customer relationships, providing world-class care that will increase brand loyalty and ensure you stay ahead of the competition with innovative solutions designed to transform the contact center into a profit driver. Today, NexGen Agency supports some of the top consumer electronics companies around the globe with in-house product specialists and experienced level 1-3 technical support representatives and management. We understand the consumer electronics business 100%.

Whether you are a start-up or an established nationwide or global brand, NexGen Agency tailors a customer service solution specifically for your business. Custom training programs introduce agents to your company and products to ensure they are equipped to support your customers.

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