NexGen is the leading VIP customer management provider delivering world-class support to our clients most valuable asset: their customers.


NexGen@Home®, our virtual workforce delivery model, is a well-educated, highly specialized and flexible workforce.

Call it what you will: work from home, remote agents or virtual workforce. However you label it, over the past five years, the remote agent model has grown in popularity.

Attracting and developing the right talent that wants to stay with you. Another significant reason for the growing success of the work-at-home model is the ability to establish a geographical dispersion pool within the company.

Blended Model for Business Continuity

Though a proven stand-alone contact center solution, NexGen@Home is part of a holistic, “blended” model that can help clients better manage anticipated and unexpected traffic spikes. Agents work regular, scheduled shifts. Yet their inherent flexibility means they are available should high traffic at a NexGen call center result in unexpected overflow. NexGen@Home also serves as a business continuity solution when natural disasters or other business disruptions strike. Calls can be rerouted seamlessly from a call center to home-based agents – without callers ever noticing.


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