Industries We Serve

Consumer Electronics.


Consumer Electronics companies partner with us because we are a full service provider who deploys an end-to-end customer lifecycle management solution. Our team is very well tenured in this space as well. Our model seamlessly merges strategic front and back office business functions along with Social Customer Care to reduce costs, enhance the customer experience, and ultimately improve consumer electronics companies’ bottom line.

At NexGen Agency, we understand the intense profitability challenges faced by technology businesses across the world. Our solutions will help you to effectively manage your customer relationships, providing world-class care that will increase brand loyalty and ensure you stay ahead of the competition by innovative solutions designed to transform the contact center into a profit driver.

Communications & Technology.


World-Class customer management solutions for the communications industry.

At NexGen Agency, we understand that in the highly competitive, constantly evolving communications market, delivering excellence with customer experience is key to customer satisfaction and continued success. Our team has extensive experience in providing market-leading customer service outsourcing for bundled, wireline, mobile, ISP and cable accounts across the world.

Our goal at NexGen Agency is to improve the overall customer experience and increase the lifetime value of our clients’ subscribers. We provide expertise, gathered throughout our teams 20+ year history of working with leading telecommunications providers, and across all customer service channels, including voice, Web/chat, e-mail and IVR, and Social.

Media & Entertainment.


Media and Entertainment companies face challenges on many levels. They must continuously differentiate themselves. And they must cater to todays 24x7x365, mobile, texting, tech-savvy consumer—providing support, marketing, and loyalty programs in ways that meet customer expectations and keep them engaged.

Media and Entertainment companies today seek customer service outsourcing solutions that maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty, drive low cost-per-subscriber rates and offer robust multichannel services and systems. The consumer is now in charge and that means that as they search for new ways to enjoy their programming they’re not afraid to also look for new providers, either. So for purposes of retention you need to deliver a customer experience they can’t get anywhere else.

Travel & Hospitality.


The Travel and Hospitality industry is highly competitive–airlines, cruise operators, hotels and resort destinations are under pressure to keep costs low while still providing “above and beyond” customer service. NexGen Agency’s outsourced contact center services provides the flexibility and scalability necessary for the unique nature of the travel and hospitality industry.

NexGen Agency will optimize your customer relationship across multiple touch points, helping to strengthen brand loyalty, improve efficiencies and increase the value of each customer contact.

We pride ourselves on the measurable improvements we provide travel clients with, including enhanced customer experience and satisfaction, increased revenue, and reduced costs.



Knowledge and experience to keep utility businesses competitive.

One fact remains constant within the utility industry: in order to succeed, companies must find cost-effective ways to communicate with their customers. NexGen Agency offers services across the entire customer lifecycle, from acquiring and provisioning new accounts, to handling outage notifications, to billing and service inquiries.



The latest omnichannel solutions for engaging consumers in the retail industry.
The era of e-commerce gives retailers of all sizes and from locations across the world an entry point into the market. Competition is fierce and there is increasing pressure to reduce operating costs as more online retailers enter the space. NexGen Agency understands that the differentiator in e-commerce comes down to service. Customers are more likely to buy from and remain loyal to companies who are available across all communication channels and go the extra mile to add value to the customer journey.



Need support for your new venture? The NexGen Agency VIP multichannel contact and command center is ready and equipped to handle your customer interactions so you can focus on your core products and services. We have direct experience and LOVE working with companies at the beginning stages of their journey. While most entrepreneurs aim to make theirs a successful startup story, their lack of a third party to help them scale can make the task quite challenging. Indeed, it can take years for a new business to develop its customer base and attain success. This is where NexGen Agency can help and acquire you new customers for you FAST!

Outsourced Contact Center Solutions