Reputation & Crisis 

NexGen is the leading VIP customer management provider delivering world-class support to our clients most valuable asset: their customers.

Personal and Corporate Reputation Management.

People sometimes ask us, what is the biggest crisis you’ve caught? While a simple answer, the truth is that it’s the ones you’ve never heard of.

Crises never start as news stories, they begin with prodromes—little hints that something is amiss. The clouds before the storm. If properly monitored, you can catch these prodromes and attack a potential crisis head-on before it erupts. Most commonly, these major issues begin with a single tweet, a single blog post.  In business people trust and buy from you because of your reputation and you cannot take a chance to have your reputation disrupted by some disgruntled employee or customer.

At NexGen Agency, our live social media strategists (not robots) monitor you and/or your company’s reputation 24/7, 365 days a year in real-time, with our cutting-edge technology in the NexGen command center. For example, we can monitor ‘John Smith sexual harassment’ or ‘Widget Company scammed me’ so that the second anyone on the internet posts those words, we get an alert. This allows you to protect yourself or your company in real-time. Consider us an insurance policy that you can’t afford not to have.

Want to be more aggressive? We can perform real-time monitoring on your competition as well. As soon as something negative hits them, you’ll know and be able to exploit it before they begin crisis communications.

Aside from insurance, our live (not robots) monitoring also allows you to monitor the sentiment towards yourself or your company. Below, you will see a number of dots, each dot represents a tweet or post a user has made about a particular company/person. They are color coded by whether the sentiment was positive, negative, or neutral.

Our real-time tracking allows us to not only view the types of conversations happening but also see where they are coming from geographically. We can locate the country, state, and even as specific as the city that is talking about a keyword.

Additionally, we are able to see the trending topics. Want to know how people feel about you or your company?  We can see how topics are trending and track changing perceptions by the week, day, and even hour.

How much does our insurance policy cost? Only $500/month. You can’t afford to not have it. Just fill out the below form and someone will reach out to you immediately with more information.


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