Are you or your company dealing with an online crisis due to social media, media coverage, or a disgruntled individual? Does the digital crisis have the potential to damage your company’s reputation? If so, you’ll need an elite team of seasoned professionals on your side that are ready to expeditiously develop and implement a crisis management plan. That’s where we come in. NexGen Agency has helped some of the world’s largest companies, political figures, and organizations across the country. In real-time, we can deploy strategies to mitigate the damage from an online crisis and begin the process to isolate and remove or suppress damaging content impacting your company’s reputation.

How do we do it?

1. We build your Crisis Management Dream Team

2. Create Your Crisis Calling Tree

3. Identify Warning Signals

4. Schedule Fire Drills

5. Choose the Right Infrastructure


Our innovative technology lets us dig deep into your reputation management so we can quickly see sentiment towards your brand, products, or services and understand exactly what posts, tweets, and articles are driving social discussion about your brand. Data coverage spans social networks and millions of websites so we get a full view of brand reputation across social, online news, blogs, forums, and more. There’s no limit to the number of searches we conduct and you get results back in seconds so we can monitor your online reputation in real-time and respond accordingly.

Some of our current and previous clients:

7 Federal Politicians

6 State Politicians

2 Cities/Townships

15 Organizations (Global and Domestic)

*Please contact us for a full list

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