In our previous blog, we mentioned the types of call centers that operate to help a business.

Here, we will discuss the features of inbound call centers which work to resolve the questions of customers. But before that, let’s recap what inbound call centers are.

Inbound Call Centers: This is a type of call center that handles inbound calls or the calls from the customers. It is opposite to an outbound call center which makes outgoing calls to the customers on behalf of a business.

Features Of Inbound Call Centers:

Inbound call centers are quite successful these days. Many businesses who seek call center solutions, outsource their call centers to these inbound ones and get effective assistance.

Well, this effective support is due to some important features such as:

  • Automatic Call Distribution: Automatic Call Distribution, or ACD, is a type of feature where the agents can route the caller to an appropriate personnel available to take the calls so these don’t get missed. This enhances customer satisfaction and the business’ reputation.
  • Customized CRM: Inbound call centers are equipped with customized CRM software which allows the handlers to manage the customers easily. It collects the customer details and feeds all these in a sophisticated system. Through this, the agents can easily access the data when they need to serve a customer.
  • Interactive Voice System: IVR or Interactive Voice Response lessens the burdens of call center employees and even offers them a better, cost-effective call center solutions. It answers and entertains the customer when the customer agents are busy, or even offers them solutions to their minor troubles.
  • Skill-Based Routing: Skill-based routing is one of the most assistive features where the caller gets directed to the most skilled agent available, based on their IVR selection and previous conversations.
  • Real-Time Reports: Modern inbound call centers can access real-time, comprehensive call reports and can offer information such as average call handling time, customer satisfaction, and so much more. This can help them make strategic decisions and enhance productivity.
  • Call Recording: The computer-telephony integration is one of the most effective features of modern call centers which can be used to record customer calls (besides other uses). These recorded calls can be used for several purposes, including enhancing their services.
  • Historical Data: Modern inbound call centers have access to the historical data of services, which helps the managers in evaluating the performance of the employees and deploying the campaigns.

Thus, the modern call centers are equipped with every feature which guarantees great customer service and an effective helping hand to the business.

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