Companies that sell luxury products like designer goods, jewelry, and cars need to provide VIP customer service that mirrors their brand. Just as their brand promises the highest quality materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, customers should be assured the same level of personalized care and attention. As customers support luxury products by paying top-notch dollars, they not only deserve a white glove service approach, they expect it.

Let’s face it, a customer service experience is a huge part of how an individual portrays a brand. It can be the difference between attracting and retaining a buyer, or losing someone’s business forever. For Luxury brands looking to outsource their customer management, choosing a contact center partner to support customers with a high-end service model is not only an important decision, it can be highly difficult to find.

But luckily that level of service does exist, and it’s called NexGen Agency. At NexGen, we’ve adopted a luxury mentality that allows us to provide not only customers with a white glove approach, but our clients as well. With the help of our unique operating model, we manage the entire customer journey, from acquisition to retention, and focus on achieving success with a true FLEXIBLE partnership.

We carefully staff representatives by hand selecting individuals whom can replicate the in-store experience your luxury brand provides. Our in-depth training classes are designed to turn representatives into knowledge experts, ensuring they provide the highest level of service and brand message to luxury brand buyers across every communication channel, because customers should be given the same experience no matter in-store, over the phone, or online. We also help scale your team accordingly and alleviate the pain of holidays and call volume spikes with our accurate forecasting.

Our VIP model not only provides access to highly trained, personalized customer care teams but also add-on solutions. We offer solutions such as social media customer care and reputation/crisis management. With our social media customer care team, you can trust that your customers are receiving the ultimate customer service experience in a timely manner, no matter the channel they choose to communicate in. Our reputation/crisis management services are also offered to monitor your brand online 24/7, so our team can take complaints offline and catch a potential crisis before it erupts (safeguarding your brand image). Everything you could possibly need, all in one place….

NexGen Agency: A VIP extension for everyone!