Deerfield Beach, Florida – March 8th, 2016 – NexGen Agency, a fast emerging global provider of dynamic customer experience management solutions and business process outsourcing has been selected by one of the world’s most innovative consumer electronics company that is pioneering the wearables industry by creating optical heart rate sensors. With their technology, it is possible to maximize training intensity, efficiency and health by tracking heart rate with a level of precision only possible with the most accurate heart rate wearables.

NexGen Agency will implement a 360-degree support strategy including social customer care in addition to applying its best-in-class multichannel management solutions and cutting edge technology to maximize productivity and enhance the customer experience. Mike Epstein, CEO of NexGen Agency, stated, “We are excited to work with this innovative and fast growing company in the wearables space. We are seeing a lot more consumer electronics companies; global leaders to start-ups requesting support from NexGen due to our innovative approach and proven customer management methodologies as the world moves more into the Internet of Things (IoT) network”

About NexGen Agency:

NexGen Agency is a full-service customer experience management organization that focuses on cross-platform support and authentic social and customer experiences. For over 20 years, the NexGen Agency team has helped the world’s most successful companies design, build, implement and manage VIP experiences. NexGen offers a full range of customer experience management solutions including inbound and outbound customer lifecycle management, social media monitoring and management, lead generation and specialty VIP solutions in all industries. NexGen Agency’s founder and management team are considered experts and pioneers in the industry having successfully grown world-class BPO organizations over the past several decades.