Importance And Benefits Of Live Chat Customer Service

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Importance And Benefits Of Live Chat Customer Service Let’s admit it, with such fierce competition amongst businesses, attracting customers to buy your products and services is not an easy task. Added to this, there are innumerable new businesses being incepted every day, who bring in new, innovative ideas and are ready to steal your existing …

Why Outsourcing Your Call Center To NexGen Agency Is The Best Thing You Can Do In 2018!

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Deciding to outsource your call center to another partner or closing your inhouse operation is a BIG decision. But when you can’t afford not to there’s only 1 logical choice: NexGen Agency. Boutique and Unique: NexGen is unlike other call centers, we don’t take clients who want 200+ seats. We have our niche in the …

Why Understanding Customer Sentiment Analysis Can Separate Your Business From The Pack

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For starters, what is customer sentiment analysis? Generally speaking, it is the application of natural language processing, computational linguistics, and text analysis, to extract information and research on customers to determine their emotional tone about a topic. This is an extremely important tool in today’s social media marketing world! Why? Social media channels are creating a …

Summer 2017 Newsletter

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Summertime Contact Center Outsourcing Update… With our VIP Contact Center and Command Center headquarters in sunny South Florida, margaritas on the beach is an all year long activity! Despite our incredible HQ location, we’ve still managed to bring lots of success to our agency so far this year (well, and a lot of new clients …