True Partnership

I’ve had a lot of contact center ‘partners’ but none have come close to the true partnership we feel with NexGen Agency. They aren’t just interested in pocketing money, they’re interested in helping our company grow. They routinely make suggestions on ways to innovate...

A Partner That Can Grow, and Understand

NexGen projects itself as a contact center like no other; specializing in the high touch customer experience. We took NexGen up to task on this and already after 7 months, they have delivered substantial lifts in all key metrics over previous support that we had. We...

Exceeded My Expectations

I had high expectations for NexGen Agency, but they are consistently exceeded. I thank you for taking such good care of our customers, people, and company.

Call Center Unlike Any Other

I can’t say enough positive things about NexGen. From their family-like atmosphere, to the way they treated their agents, it was really a call center unlike any other we had dealt with. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any other company looking for a change.


NexGen was very helpful in identifying areas of improvement in our social media strategy. They proposed new ideas around how to better engage customers and helped develop content towards that effort. They really focused on understanding our brand voice to help ensure...