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Irma may have disrupted Florida for a couple of days, but here at NexGen Agency, we are disrupting our industry for years to come. We are not your typical contact center.

Typical Contact Center:

Call Center


Nexgen inside office

Unlike other contact centers, we invest in our people. The average contact center attrition rate is about 45%. Ours is mind-blowingly FAR below that! Reach out to us and we will send you stats! Our rockstar agents become brand experts for our clients. They don’t just see their work as a ‘job,’ they are fully invested. Which would you prefer?

We don’t want 100 clients. We only take on a select number of clients each year so we can make sure they get the full attention they deserve. Our clients don’t get lost in some big portfolio. This allows us to have a ‘true partnership’ and innovate.

Need marketing and social media services? We’ve got you covered. We have a dedicated social customer care and marketing department, not ‘let’s throw some agent on Facebook to respond to customers with copy/paste.’ Our social customer care department is filled with people who are specialists and strategists and have the knowledge to truly set our clients apart from their competition.  We connect our contact center to our social media command center to provide a full “real-time” omnichannel customer experience. Does your current partner truly have that? Most likely not…

Here is what we would like to do for you, on us!

We offer a complimentary call center consultation to provide objective advice to companies.  We’ll use an on-site client collaborative engagement model. Our operational and solution design experts deliver a performance assessment which provides recommendations and a timeline roadmap for gap closure and implementation. Our focus is customer-centric and results-oriented, designed to improve your competitive advantage, whether it be through insourcing or outsourcing.  We recommend development and implementation strategies to improve performance and reduce costs by synchronizing people resources, work processes, and technology systems.

NexGen Agency is unique, boutique, and ready to bring you to the next level.

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