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Summertime Contact Center Outsourcing Update…

With our VIP Contact Center and Command Center headquarters in sunny South Florida, margaritas on the beach is an all year long activity! Despite our incredible HQ location, we’ve still managed to bring lots of success to our agency so far this year (well, and a lot of new clients VERY happy to be sitting on a beach when they come to visit!).

Welcome New Client

New Clients Launched

Party Time!! We just hit another NexGen Anniversary! Fuggedaboutit! So far this summer, we’ve launched 2 new clients! One focused on Consumer Electronics and another in Supply Chain Management with a focus on B2B Hospitality. We’ve also managed to set record sales numbers for one of our global premier retail clients!


New Clients Launched

Going Above and Beyond…

We reward good work at NexGen! Our contact center agents earn ‘NexGen Bucks’ for work above and beyond the standard call of duty. Team Member Pam earned so many bucks that she was able to cash in for a HUGE TV and gift card!


NexGen! Office Inside


Well, we’re not ALWAYS at the beach! With the new clients and ramping up for seasonal spikes, we’ve just expanded to an additional 6000 sq ft suite! How many seats do you think that is??



Charity Events

So Alex (Director Of Account Services) and Mike (CEO) attended Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Golf Tournament in Kansas City. One very important thing was learned that day: Beer and M&M’s at 9am mixed with golf is not a good combo!


Philippines Call Center


Our Philippines location is growing just as fast as the US. We’ve taken on new team members and are currently looking to open another office in the Clark area. Stay tuned!


Upcoming Events


As you know, Mike is always on the run and will be hosting a number of meetings in the upcoming weeks with potential partners and clients. There are a couple of slots left if you’d like to chat about your contact center outsourcing strategy and how NexGen can partner with you!

July 19-21: NYC

August 7-9: Chicago

August 22-24: San Francisco

September 6-8: CEDIA 2017 (San Diego)

September 18-22: Philippines

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