Benefits of Using SMS for Customer Support

Communication is the key to providing excellent customer service; what you say is important but so is the way it is communicated to the customer. If a customer has an urgent question or a tricky technical problem that needs answering quickly, make sure your excellent customer service is not only helpful, but available instantly for the customer.

It’s immediate

It’s convenient

It’s efficient 

This is where SMS customer care comes in and NexGen Agency supports it!

People want the option of SMS

Here are five statistics showing that people want something different – like SMS customer support.

  • 81% of customers report frustration at being tied to a phone or computer when contacting customer service.
  • On average, 64% prefer texting versus phone calls when contacting customer support.
  • 44% prefer to use SMS messaging rather than wait on hold for a customer service agent.
  • 40% believe a texting company is progressive – and that’s a good thing.
  • 28% would recommend a company that uses SMS messaging for customer service to others.

SMS Support Still Offers a Form of Human Touch

While your business can rely on traditional phone support and FAQ pages to resolve customer service issues, employing some form of SMS support is another surefire option that will allow you to better connect with your customers. After all, two-way text messaging can offer you a new way to quickly and efficiently resolve customer issues, while still providing a human touch.

Learn more today about how NexGen Agency can provide the ultimate customer experiences for your customers with our Omnichannel contact center solutions!