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NexGen is the leading VIP customer management provider delivering world-class support to our clients most valuable asset: their customers.

About the Service

With the changing landscape of the media and entertainment industry, companies are now compelled to create new business models and innovate at a level unlike anything they’ve ever had to do before. With these changing trends, it’s never been more crucial to have a partner like NexGen Agency. At NexGen, we have all the tools your company could need to offer multichannel services, maximize customer loyalty and satisfaction, and drive low cost-per-subscriber rates.

Why NexGen Agency For Your Media and Entertainment Support?

We provide world-class support to our clients most valuable asset: their clients. From multichannel customer care to social and digital marketing, we create unique action plans and handle all the day-to-day work.

  • Repairs (including SW / cosmetic upgrades and motherboard level)
  • Asset Recovery (HDD swap and cosmetic refurbishment)
  • General Inquiries
  • Account Activation
  • Billing Inquiries
  • Technical Support
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Lead Generation
  • Returns/Refurbishment
  • Installation Services
  • Adds/Moves/Changes
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Response Management
  • Customer Care
  • Product Support
  • Information Hotline
  • Failure Analysis and Environmental Stress Screening


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