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In 2008 when two worldwide consumer electronics manufacturers, JVC and Kenwood, decided to merge, it was about joining forces to create a company that was not only at the forefront of the technologies found in their products but to also increase their efficiency and competitiveness for their core business. The result was a brand not to be reckoned with.

When JVCKENWOOD made the decision to outsource their customer and technical support business from an in-house model, it allowed them to focus on what they do best creating amazing products that consumers would continue to enjoy as they have for the past decades. One of the many things they wanted to achieve was to provide satisfying and convenient customer care to their consumers while keeping their costs low.

They didn’t want to lose the personal touch and experience; therefore having tech savvy management was a must.

There are several reasons outsourcing call centers to a  third party requires proper scrutiny and attention, all of which NexGen  Agency has capitalized on in the consumer electronic industry. JVCKENWOOD knew they had to pay close attention to and consider all of the factors below when selecting a business partner:

  • Years of experience not just in the outsourcing arena but also in the consumer electronic arena.
  • The quality of the workforce. Not just technical agents and supervisors but an actual management team with prior experience running consumer electronics companies.
  • Transparent billing processes, not just billing without explanation, but clear billing practices that provided the information needed to help the decision-making process.
  • Clients handled,  a  business partner with proven experience working with companies of all sizes across different industries.

To survive in this competitive market,  it’s  just as crucial to retaining customers, as it is to acquire new ones. Our contact center acts as a business enabler in the process, and every interaction that an agent has with a customer has an impact on the overall customer experience and brand perception.

That’s   why deciding whether to keep all customer interactions in-house or outsource was such an important decision for JVCKENWOOD.   It was important to save money while continuing to focus on increasing their customer satisfaction for years to come.

Some of the advantages of our partnership are:

  • Cost & Time savings in hiring and training of staff
  • No need to invest in high-end infrastructure and  technology
  • Well-trained workforce to handle customers
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Focus on Core Business



Cost & Time-Saving in  Hiring and Training Staff

Much like other organizations,  running their own contact and fulfillment department was a costly investment. Outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs and allow you to budget effectively. No need to invest in employee training, or purchasing expensive technology. Outsourcing their customer care to a trusted vendor  has helped  JVCKENWOOD save on  the capital expenditure, time, and extra efforts

No Need to Invest in High-End Infrastructure and Technology

Everyday use of the Internet, telephone, satellite and cable makes them necessities that the majority of the population relies on. In an industry where the number of competitors offering similar communications technology and services is abundant.your customers require prompt, exceptional service to secure brand loyalty. NexGen Agency understands this importance. and has the resources to build and maintain a competitive advantage in this industry.

Well-Trained  Workforce to Handle Customers

NexGen Agency has teams dedicated to providing outstanding customer care, which gives JVCKENWOOD’s  business a competitive edge. Our personnel has diverse experience and skills across different industries and technologies that help  JVCKENWOOD, along with other clients, achieve superior quality and unmatched proficiency in customer care.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By outsourcing their customer care department, JVCKENWOOD ensures that their customers consistently receive the help they need when they need it. Since NexGen Agency has the capacity to absorb dramatic demand shifts, enabling quicker ramp-ups and ramp-downs than in-house centers, we can maintain the high quality of service offered. This, in turn, increases their customer satisfaction.

Focus on Core Business

In the face of competition outsourcing their customer care has also broadly enabled JVCKENWOOD to focus on core areas of their business while concentrating on its long-term, strategic goals. This partnership has allowed them to have the advantage of progressing and staying ahead of the competition.



Working with an outsourcing company can be a driving force for success.By partnering with NexGen Agency, JVCKENWOOD can now provide not only the traditional customer support as it had done in-house, but also extend that support into the digital age with social media engagement; something they had very little interaction with in the past.

As a BPO  that stood  out among  the rest for its ability to provide a complete 360° customer care solution not only was NexGen Agency a company that JVCKENWOOD could benefit from cost  wise, it was also important that the technical and empirical knowledge that the in-house staff had acquired over the years was transferred to the new outsourced support staff.

NexGen Agency, bringing 20+ years of experience, was able to quickly discover where they could fill the gaps for JVCKENWOOD not only in the customer care and technical support aspect but also in the technological side of the business. Add to all of this the ability to bring the company into the digital age by offering an all-inclusive social media monitoring and engaging strategy and you can understand why partnering with NexGen Agency as a BPO was and continues to be the right move.



Switching to NexGen Agency has allowed  JVCKENWOOD  to reduce costs by  a significant margin in all aspects of  their business; from telecom and technology to staffing costs, as well as costs associated with product replacements and exchanges.

The real benefit in this transition has been the ability to transfer  the knowledge of 10+ years of working directly with JVCKENWOOD  to our support team and the ability to now interact with their customers on all social platforms like never before. Not only that but partnering with NexGen Agency has provided a new level of reporting and brand perception.

The partnership between JVCKENWOOD and NexGen Agency is one that has  truly enhanced all aspects  of customer engagement and interaction. This has been key in allowing JVCKENWOOD to focus on their core business, producing amazing consumer electronics.