Born with an idea to focus on VIP customer service, we grouped together innovative thinkers and brilliant strategists to provide the best social media management and contact center solutions. When you outsource your work to us, you can rest assured that your brand image will only get stronger by each passing day.

We are one of the most unique call centers, providing B2B and B2C customer support, outsourcing contact solutions, social media/reputation management, and telecommunication services with a white-glove VIP approach. Boost your sales and create customer loyalty with our dedicated team of trained specialists.

Contact Center Services

Contact Center Services

You can count on NexGen Agency to deliver the ultimate customer experiences to your customers at every single opportunity. We are an extension of your business, an ambassador to your customers.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Let NexGen Agency help establish your online presence. Social media management services take time, time you don’t have when you’re running a business. We’ll take care of it for you by

Crisis Management

Reputation and Crisis Management

People sometimes ask us, what is the biggest crisis you’ve caught? While a simple answer, the truth is that it’s the ones you’ve never heard of.



To help transform and grow your business, you need a strategic partner. One who brings you new and innovative ideas everyday.

Business Check

Business Check-Ups

Social Media Check Up: How is your business’ Facebook performing? Click to see how you stack up and learn how NexGen can take you to the next level!

Why Choose NexGen as Your Partner?

  • We focus on achieving success with a ‘true’ partnership
  • Our size enables us to be selective with who represents your programs
  • We organize frequent training sessions to improve service efficiency
  • Our ease of doing business and competitive rates have always been talked about positively by our clients
  • We offer a global multichannel customized solution to fit every company’s needs

We don’t limit ourselves to just a few industries, we provide call center services to numerous industries including Consumer

Electronics, Communications and Technology, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality, Retails, Startups, etc.


“NexGen is really the ‘Next Generation’ of service. Unlike the marketing firm we had partnered with prior to them, we weren’t just a client in a large portfolio. They gave us more attention than we ever expected and were with us hand-in-hand when a large reputation management issue arose.”

Chief Marketing Officer for B2C Company18 October 2017

“I can’t say enough positive things about NexGen. From their family-like atmosphere, to the way they treated their agents, it was really a call center unlike any other we had dealt with. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any other company looking for a change.”

VP of Customer Experience for B2B company18 October 2017