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Brand voice gives a company a personality to marry its identity! More times than not, the personality of a brand influences purchasing decisions. When customers purchase a product or service, the brand embodies part of their investment.

With two-thirds of all shoppers using more than one channel to make purchases, brand voice is critical. To be successful your entire customer service support staff must adopt and retain a clear brand voice, and keep it cohesive across all support channels: Social Media, Email, Live Chat, Phone, FAQ’s etc.

3 reasons why your customer service brand voice should be consistent:
1. Builds Relationships, Trust, & Loyalty– People are more likely to continually engage with a company and purchase its products/services if they feel like they’re receiving consistent interactions that form a connection.
2. Attracts/Retains Social Follows – On social media, people aren’t following you for your products, but instead for promotions, entertaining content, and customer service. If customer service replies on social media platforms do not match the content of posts, you may lose engagement and followers from the disconnect.
3. Increases Interaction Opportunities – People can be very sensitive to attitudes conveyed in writing. If a cohesive tone is distributed across all customer support channels, you enable customers to choose the easiest form of communication for them, at the time they need support!

Here at NexGen Agency, we train our agents to adopt our clients’ brand voice across all support channels, making for the best customer experience possible!

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